Cloud-Based IT Support: Centralizing Computer Protection

The next phase in computer technology is making the system smarter and more powerful than the previous generation models. The idea has crossed my mind several times whenever I fix my computer wishing that all the heavy lifting stuff will be taken out of my hands, and I think that a Cloud-based IT assistance technology would be a great thing! Simply said this technology will allow for remote PC maintenance to be done on multiple endpoints (users/computers), with least disk space intrusion while scanning any system and removing malwares, bugs, worms and viruses efficiently and in real-time. That’s exactly what we need right now as apparently anti-virus software doesn’t work so well anymore.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an amalgamation of multiple hardware and software and is sometimes separated by miles or countries apart, repackaged and offered as a service to any company that wishes to use it as a central core of a specific system that they wish to create. A good example of this is Apple’s iTunes where subscribers can access files, music, videos, gaming apps and other files from a single repository of information. Microsoft and other game producers have reportedly revolutionized their game consoles that the next generation of platforms and will no longer be using DVD or Blu-ray discs to play games. Instead gamers will link with the game’s cloud-based system online in order to access thousands of games and soon online muli-tiplay will not only become possible, but the norm for all gaming platforms. This is another example of a Cloud-based system that will soon be employed. The days when I used to fix my computer could completely become obsolete any time soon I suppose, as apparently, smarter computer systems are being developed more quickly on a daily basis.

Could Cloud Computing be used as an A/V Client?

Yes, as a matter of fact it can. But more than just an A/V client you can also setup a Cloud-based IT Department where you will not only be providing anti-virus protection to your clients but provide remote PC maintenance as well. There are actually a few small businesses now that are taking advantage of Cloud Computing and creating their own Cloud-based IT assistance services, although it is still experimental in nature and is localized to a city and in some cases an entire state in the US. However, most people are either not aware of this amazing innovation or still cling to the idea “I can fix my computer” or “I have an updated anti-virus software and I don’t need remote PC maintenance.” But I think with more education and proper exposure to this kind of IT support people will come to accept this kind of service.

Data Breach Statistics

Prevx, a well-known network and IT security firm that provides computer security services to thousands of businesses, admitted that more than 2,500 of its clients may have suffered data intrusion. One of its clients was a recording company and about 75,000 songs were downloaded without prior permission from them. This happened back in 2010, I can’t imagine just how efficient they’ve become now and how much resistance an ordinary A/V client could offer against these so-called “Trojan Horse” viruses. Even I had to give up the idea that I can still fix my computer on my own after hearing this from a top IT security firm itself – this is basically jut disturbing.


The United States along with other allied nations who are opposed to data intrusion and software piracy leads in the research & development of counter measures in order to prevent further computer hacking. The FBI and Interpol are also working together in line with this policy so that the culprits could be caught, stop their illegal operation and put those responsible behind bars. But enforcing the law will not stop other hackers from willfully invading private and government databases, instead an impervious network firewall will. A Cloud-based IT assistance would be the best defense against these stealthy hackers and it will also prevent malicious ware from accidentally getting into your system.