Smart Ways To Use the iPhone and Apps for Kids

How to use the iPhone when playing with kids? Of course, there are plenty of apps for kids. Let’s see how we can use them more creatively.

  • Use it as a bribe or a reward. Anyone who has ever been a parent can tell you that it is no easy feat to discipline or raise a child. Having said that, if your child is into the iPhone, you might as well use it to your advantage in every way possible. One of those ways is use it as a bribe or a reward. If there is a specific task that you need your child to accomplish and he refuses to, use the iPhone as a bribe. It can also be used as a reward in situations where you feel your child deserves recognition for her hard work.
  • Use it for educational purposes. Who says it isn’t possible to both have fun and learn all at the same time? With the iPhone, it most definitely is. Pick out games that are both entertaining and educational and sit down with your child and show him or her how much fun it can be. Your child will thank you in the future.
  • Use it to pass the time. Gone are the days when children would throw tantrums or complain incessantly due to long waiting times-whether in restaurants, dentist appointments, or what have you. Pull out the iPhone and let your kids enjoy it while waiting.
  • Use it as an opportunity to bond. These are the days when it isn’t very common for families to get together and bond. But the iPhone can change that for you and your kids. There are countless games on the app store that the whole family can participate in and play together. Remember that kids grow up so fast. So seize every opportunity to be with them while you still can.
  • Use it as a “lite” punishment. Believe it or not, the iPhone can be a useful tool for when your child has done something wrong. For instance, if your son has called his sister names or took her candy, you can punish him by taking away his iPhone privileges for a week or two. Psychologists say that limiting the pleasure is the most effective way to make the child realize his faults.

These are only some of the ways you can use the iPhone as a tool to educate your child and keep him or her engaged while you are getting much needed relaxation time. Feel free to give these tips your own personal spin or add your own twist to it to make the experience more enjoyable for your kids.


How Mobile Application Development Can Benefit The Rural Customer?

Mobile application development has surely done wonders for the digital economy of India over the last three years. Business enterprises and customers have gained from the revolution in mobile applications technology. The surge in urbanization, a growing middle class with a healthy purchasing power, improvements in IT infrastructure and government initiatives to attract more investment in telecom and internet services coupled with social mobility have all contributed to the this phenomenal movement. The Indian consumer residing in cities is beginning to embrace business transactions on the internet and the value generated by online purchases and sales. This trend notwithstanding, there remain some bleak facts about rural India. Is the consumer of rural India moving as fast as the urban counterparts? While empirical evidence suggests that there are some roadblocks, we later in this article take a look at some economically feasible solutions to those challenges.

Some Reflections on the Internet Economy in the World and India

Current estimates indicate that 4.2 billion people across the world will not have internet connectivity even in the year 2017. The compounded annual growth rate of internet users has climbed down from 14 percent in 2006-07 to 10 percent now. Aided by factors such as rising income levels and low technology costs, the internet economy could see an addition of another 500-700 million users by the year 2017. While these are statistical accounts of the scenario there are factors underlying this sorry state in developing countries like India. Data collected by World Bank on the digital divide says the following:

  • 64% of offline people live in rural areas
  • 18% of offline people have an age of 55 years or above
  • 28% of these people are illiterate
  • 52% of offline people are women
  • 15% market penetration of internet in countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc.

The World Bank study suggests that millions of people do not go online because they believe that it is against widely accepted social and cultural norms. People retired from their professions do not find computers for use. There is also a perceived threat to information and privacy from internet use. While governments and businesses have been making big strides in urban areas for economic growth and internet connectivity, the rural households are still left out. Millions of people consider the sage of computers to be rocket science and hence avoid it. The stark truth is that as long as internet connectivity in rural offline communities remains absent, there will be a drag on their lives.

Mobile Apps Can Drive out the Entitlement Failure

While the above data and its analysis clarify the existence of the digital divide, there is hope in the form of mobile applications development. Mobile development services can reach the for-profit enterprises and their offerings to the bottom of the pyramid markets. While computer purchase and usage may be unaffordable and technically complex, using a smart phone is child’s play. Plus, the smart phone is a personalized device. The portability of the device and real-time information that mobile apps offer, present an opportunity to stay rooted in the local culture and yet modernize. While banks, retail enterprises, insurance companies and micro-finance institutions may find it economically impractical to set up brick and mortar models of business, mobile application developers can connect the dots. Web solutions providers will have to design and deliver mobile application development services in an efficient way to create a viable business model. Rural markets offer a tremendous window for lifestyle applications development, entertainment applications development and games applications development even in emerging economies. Provided that language, user friendliness and distribution of apps are dealt with smartly, business enterprises can look forward to exploring untapped markets in rural areas. The understanding of ground realities of rural markets, focus on rural business models and organizational collaboration with client companies is crucial in this regard. Android business solutions and Windows business software solutions crafted with business intelligence can make a real difference to the lives of offline people and drive out the entitlement failure. The internet is for everyone and mobile development service enterprises with an eye on local context specific innovation are the enablers of this proposition.


Why Hiring a Social Media Marketing Manager is a Surefire Way to Grow Your Business!

Have you heard all the buzz about social media marketing, but aren’t really sure how it can be a part of your marketing plan or how to even get started? Are you considering using this form of new media to grow your business but are overwhelmed by the technical aspects and the massive time commitment to make this strategy work?

Trust me, you are not alone! I got caught up in the wave of online marketing about four years ago…right smack dab in the middle of building my first offline business. The idea of being able to automatically generate leads that didn’t cost a dime was quite alluring.

The problem is that the people who tell you that it’s so easy to generate leads and sales through social marketing don’t factor in the time you have to spend learning how to use these systems and then constantly updating and maintaining multiple accounts to be successful with this strategy.

I learned that the hard way – by doing everything on my own for nearly three years. Updating profiles, adding friends, creating content, etc. etc. It got to the point where I was working 10+ hours a day just to keep up with everything…yes, I started to make sales, but shouldn’t my time be more valuable than this?

Then I discovered a secret that I just have to share with you.

I was able to outsource this work to a social media marketing manager (SMMM) – which made my business grow like wildflower!

Here’s how having a social media marketing manager can help you do the same:

Take care of all the technical aspects.

We all know that time is money. Hiring someone just to build all of your profiles and link them together is worth it’s weight in gold. A good SMMM will take all of this off your plate and help you to develop a strategy for attracting your ideal client.

Profile management.

When you have multiple profiles (Linked In, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter) it can be a monumental task just to clean up all the junk requests and spam that comes into those accounts. Your social media marketing manager will do all of this tedious work on your behalf so you can focus your time on selling.

Audience building.

Finding the right people for you products and services is paramount in business. The best SMMM’s will work with you to understand your ideal client and put together a strategy of building a following on the right social media sites to attract your best prospects.

Reputation management.

An old business saying is that a happy customer tells one person about their good experience, while an unhappy customer will tell eleven! If you are considering hiring a social media marketing manager, make certain that they will monitor what is being said about your products and services online so that if negative things are being spread, you can take immediate action!

Content creation.

The only way to succeed with social marketing is to constantly be creating content that is useful and engaging to your target audience. Your SMMM should be willing to create this content on your behalf and distribute it to your prospects. This also includes doing daily status updates on your various profiles.


LCD Trend – A Security and Surveillance Gadget

Video security and surveillance systems are emerging today. It is now widely done and accepted by almost all consumers and corporations because of the increasing demand due to untoward incidents, this is also due to having affordable security and surveillance systems that provide ease in installing and in using. As a result of this, video surveillance and security systems are increasingly emerging especially in airports, malls, stores, universities, corporate offices, and manufacturing facilities. These videos provide CCTV or IP based systems. The benefits of video surveillance and security systems are:

A. They help avoid and solve theft among employees and shoppers.
B. They monitor manufacturing performances and other facilities to avoid maintenance reduction or employee productivity reduction.
C. They help in reducing cost of insurance and claims of liabilities fraudulently.
D. They could continuously document scenarios or events so that your business will have more protection.

Within the surveillance and security systems packages, the large LCD monitors are becoming the industry’s norm today. This is because the large screens allow simultaneous and continuous monitoring of several camera feeds in just one screen. Smaller screens need images from video feeds to be able to rotate creating of holes in monitoring data. They also have 24/7 operations because they are intended for round the clock works. CRT TVs or plasma TVs have their own issues about round the clock works like flicker or static in CRT TVs. Life of plasmas or CRTs operate for shorter hours compared to the LCD monitors. Most LCDs are high definition so they provide better resolution, contrast ratio, color reproduction, response time, and brightness especially when camera is zoomed or several images are simultaneously viewed. High definition TVs allow you to view details like the number plates of cars or a person’s face. LCD monitors require lesser space since they are flat panels. They could be mounted on a wall and could be encapsulated in fire retardant frames to be able to protect display. The LCD abilities could be matched to camera abilities, but if you buy low resolution monitors, then the camera capabilities would not be possible.

Make a knowledgeable decision. Through this, your surveillance and security system could provide your needs for years.