3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Do Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is definitely one of the most popular strategies now being utilized by business companies. Why? Because a higher percentage of the world’s population has his or her own social media account. Terms like “blog”, “like” and “tweet” are extremely popular nowadays that even a 9-year old kid knows what it is. That is why, many companies are now into social media to be able to effectively reach out to a bigger number of audience.

Here are 3 reasons why your business should do social media marketing.

1. Vast number of users on social media

If you still have no idea, Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site that exists today. There’s an average of more than 600,000 users daily. Take note of that, it’s per day! Another well-liked social networking site is Twitter. Since 2008, it has now an increase of 600% and presently has 6 million users. Just think about this. Probably 1% of these users discuss about your business.

Another thing is that sites such as these give you options on what kind of audience to target on as they classify their members per interest and conversation topics so that you can trim down your marketing actions and implementations. People who are involved in social networking show a big participation and if put together appropriately, your business can extend quickly to many users and the outcome might surpass the result of a very costly TV ad promotion which is currently being viewed as a hindrance for most.

2. Cheap Cost Marketing and promotion for Your Small company

Compared to the old times when internet is not yet that popular, TV and full page advertisements are not as efficient for large companies as they used to be. However, big amount of money is still being spent by marketing supervisory for it. For small company owners, people today pass over newspaper classified ads and do not really mind about Yellow Pages. For this reason, it is wise to stop wasting money in this type of advertising strategy. Nowadays, people are so pre-occupied and fed up with ads and with marketing information that they already experience a ‘disease’ termed as advertisement blind.

3. Get an understanding of how the market works.

Social media marketing is a great way for business owners with a limited budget. With this, small companies can understand about how the market responds towards the latest product or service of competing companies that are in the same field or industry. Just look through the statuses, tweets and posts on social networking sites.

Aside from that, these platforms can also be used as an avenue to gather tips and ideas on how to get better in the services and products they offer. People do not always inform companies via a contact email because it’s kind of hard to locate the ‘contact us’ form and put all the information needed to numerous fields. One tweet or Facebook status is simpler to do.

Social media marketing is definitely an effective way to boost small businesses. It’s cheaper and a more practical thing to do.


Why Hiring a Social Media Marketing Manager is a Surefire Way to Grow Your Business!

Have you heard all the buzz about social media marketing, but aren’t really sure how it can be a part of your marketing plan or how to even get started? Are you considering using this form of new media to grow your business but are overwhelmed by the technical aspects and the massive time commitment to make this strategy work?

Trust me, you are not alone! I got caught up in the wave of online marketing about four years ago…right smack dab in the middle of building my first offline business. The idea of being able to automatically generate leads that didn’t cost a dime was quite alluring.

The problem is that the people who tell you that it’s so easy to generate leads and sales through social marketing don’t factor in the time you have to spend learning how to use these systems and then constantly updating and maintaining multiple accounts to be successful with this strategy.

I learned that the hard way – by doing everything on my own for nearly three years. Updating profiles, adding friends, creating content, etc. etc. It got to the point where I was working 10+ hours a day just to keep up with everything…yes, I started to make sales, but shouldn’t my time be more valuable than this?

Then I discovered a secret that I just have to share with you.

I was able to outsource this work to a social media marketing manager (SMMM) – which made my business grow like wildflower!

Here’s how having a social media marketing manager can help you do the same:

Take care of all the technical aspects.

We all know that time is money. Hiring someone just to build all of your profiles and link them together is worth it’s weight in gold. A good SMMM will take all of this off your plate and help you to develop a strategy for attracting your ideal client.

Profile management.

When you have multiple profiles (Linked In, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter) it can be a monumental task just to clean up all the junk requests and spam that comes into those accounts. Your social media marketing manager will do all of this tedious work on your behalf so you can focus your time on selling.

Audience building.

Finding the right people for you products and services is paramount in business. The best SMMM’s will work with you to understand your ideal client and put together a strategy of building a following on the right social media sites to attract your best prospects.

Reputation management.

An old business saying is that a happy customer tells one person about their good experience, while an unhappy customer will tell eleven! If you are considering hiring a social media marketing manager, make certain that they will monitor what is being said about your products and services online so that if negative things are being spread, you can take immediate action!

Content creation.

The only way to succeed with social marketing is to constantly be creating content that is useful and engaging to your target audience. Your SMMM should be willing to create this content on your behalf and distribute it to your prospects. This also includes doing daily status updates on your various profiles.